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Proactive cybersecurity is what you do before an attack. When your cybersecurity culture is proactive your team is committed to prevent any attacks. Prometis CyberSecurity a top 10 consultants in India developed proactive strategies and tactics against evolving cybersecurity threats.

Our services such as comprehensive gap assessment, penetration testing, threat hunting and vulnerability assessment reveal a company’s vulnerabilities. Our security analyst will ensure your optimal cybersecurity strategy and adequate posture.
With a proactive mindset to data and cybersecurity we focus on the organization as a whole and identify threats to the security infrastructure faster and more efficiently by active prevention and data analytics

Proactive Cybersecurity Services

A proactive approach to cybersecurity includes preemptively identifying security weaknesses and adding processes to identify threats before they occur.

Cloud & Infrastructure Security

Our end-to-end approach to cloud and infrastructure security protects from the inside out, unlocks value and maximizes your return.

Risk Management GRC

We help consolidate risk management governance and tools, employ automation and use context-sensitive controls to ensure efficiency and accountability.

Data Security

Our data protection solutions provide balanced, protective measures required to enable growth while keeping within established risk tolerances.

Platform Security

We design and deploy hardened environments, and support security testing and monitoring to improve the resiliency of core business services.

We Deal With Proactive
CyberSecurity Solutions

Prometis CyberSecurity, is a place where proximity, scale, security, and innovation work together. All backed by a team of experts to help you unlock its full potential.

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