Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance monitoring (APM) is the process of managing software applications to ensure their optimal performance by gauging key performance indicators like Apdex score, throughput, and response time, as well as the overall user experience. APM solutions help you analyze application performance, gain a holistic view of how application components connect and communicate, and identify application performance issues before they impact real users.
By using an application monitoring tool or platform, you can track and analyze critical business transactions, trace errors across various microservices, and understand the impact of external components on your application's performance. Supercharge your DevOps team with the Site24x7 application performance monitoring tool and achieve complete observability with a dynamic performance monitoring tool, powered by AI.


  1. Leverage distributed tracing and improve user experience
  2. Visualize application topology to understand external dependencies
  3. Monitor custom components and capture golden metrics
  4. Detect anomalies and troubleshoot errors quickly with AI-powered alerts and reports
  5. Gain a 360° view of your application
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